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At Banh Mi Boys, we believe in sharing the passion that created our unique restaurants with the world. Our company objective has always been to provide guests with excellent service and affordable, high-quality meals without compromise. We are firm believers that all members within the company are ambassadors of the brand. We work on instilling our core values from day-one of training, allowing us to practice our craft with integrity and desire, continuously pushing for personal and professional growth company-wide.

We recognize that the world is a big place and wanting to share our unique concept of Banh Mi with everyone is an ambitious goal. We also recognize that many people share the same passions we do when it comes to our tried and true food, so it was only right we made franchising an opportunity for others! We are continuously building on the foundation for success through hard work and unity — when we work together towards the same goals, we all succeed!

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We believe that integrity, passion, growth, and teamwork lead our business forward – from our production line to our in-house service. If you are someone that believes in the same values we do and are interested in a franchising opportunity, please fill out the required fields below. We are excited to get to know you and will contact you with more information as soon as we’ve had the chance to review your submission.

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(Please refer to our Instagram @BanhMiboys for our current hours of operation.)